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About OnlyPlants

We created OnlyPlants to make it easier to find vegan recipes. By including only vegan recipes you don't need to double- or triple- check if a recipe is vegan or to spend time figuring out how to veganize a recipe you like. Here, all recipes are vegan, ready to be made and enjoyed :) The platform is FREE for both users and recipe creators.

Yes! We've created a very easy to use interface for adding recipes. You can see here how a recipe added directly to OnlyPlants would look.

Please add only the recipes you created. If it's a recipe you liked but it's created by someone else, give them a shoutout by tagging them on social media or let them know about this amazing site and maybe they'll fancy adding their recipes here as well.

We are Robert and Mirna, a couple living in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) with our fur baby Stevie the cat. We went vegan at the start of 2019. We have very, very different personalities, but we complement each other really well.

While Mirna loooooves cooking, experimenting with ingredients and spending time in the kitchen, Robert is always looking for ways to quickly find somewhat easier and not time consuming recipes. Love for food and veganism is one of the many things we have in common and working together on OnlyPlants comes so intuitively. We are both passionate about creating a hub for vegan recipes, making them more accessible and easy to find.

For Recipe Creators

If you already have your (recipe) blog, that's amazing. By adding your recipes to OnlyPlants you are creating another source of traffic for your blog. OnlyPlants becomes another place where visitors can find you and discover your delicious creations.

OnlyPlants only posts a picture of your recipe, the recipe name and a short description of it (max. 280 characters). To see the ingredients and instructions, the users will be directed to your blog. You can see here an example of a recipe that already exists on creator's blog.

Your blog doesn't need to contain only vegan recipes, but you should add only vegan recipes to OnlyPlants. So, if your blog doesn't contain only vegan recipes, please add here only the ones that are vegan.
The format/page for adding a recipe is the same if you use the booklet or add the recipe manually or don't have a blog and publish the recipe directly on OnlyPlants. Some fields are mandatory and that's why they are also pulled through the booklet (even though we don't publish the content). Some fields are not published but are used for the filters on our Search page, so you can search recipes by ingredients, duration, skill level etc. Lastly, in one of our next releases/version we are planning to add a Shopping list feature. Here, by selecting the recipes you'd like to make, the system would be able to create a shopping list of all the groceries you'll need for them. Cool/handy, right?